Introduction and about Me – SEO, PPC + Previous Life

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Harry Ford and I’m a simplistic lover of search marketing. My design skills are a bit lacking but when it comes to search engine optimisation, pay per click marketing and conversion optimisation I think I know what I’m doing. So I guess this post is a bit of an about me page.

Previous Employment

Weirdly I started off in the financial world, initially working for Lewis Alexander in the failed IVA department. This wasn’t my thing from the start but I liked the idea of working in the marketing department of a finance company. So I was then employed by¬†Tom Buckland in the seo for financial advisors division, which although was good, didn’t have exactly what I was looking for.

Next I looked into a few other SEO options and began to learn about seo and ppc. Working in the Cardiff SEO division, before moving to work for the London corporate branding agency and then moving again to Swindon to follow the search engine optimisation bandwagon. But again I found myself moving around too much and wanted to settle down with the mrs and start a family. So we eventually moved to Salisbury where I settled into my own freelance seo role.

I learnt SEO and PPC

In 2014 I began to learn SEO and PPC, mainly from my previous jobs but also on the side, reading up on what worked, what didn’t, learning to glaze over the myths and BS and actually following the right people in the industry. Paid advertising or PPC is something that is underutilised by so many businesses nowadays, many either don’t use it enough, do not scale it correctly or don’t actually even use it all together. SEO is a different kettle of fish, it takes time and money and hence most smaller companies simply don’t get involved in it, they hire people that cold email them and simply don’t know what they are doing, when they should be doing it in-house as SEO is the most profitable marketing method in the world. Bah only viral marketing, which is now included in the content marketing/SEO genre.

What to Expect?

What should you expect on this blog? Well, I’d say I will post once a week but I might be lying and depending on readership and how much people enjoy the content it might be more frequently or less frequently at times. But the content I will be posting will mainly be on opinions in the digital marketing world. SEO advice and training that small business owners might find helpful or even profitable.

Thanks for reading.